ZLD High TDS Effluent HP Evaporator

3R Heat Pump ZLD Evaporator Features

Free Process Cooling or Air Conditioning
Energy Efficient & Cost of Evaporation – Rs 1/Liter
ROI < 12 to 15 Month.

  • Inefficiency results in wastes and pollution
  • Wastes are costly as input and also in disposal
  • Hence reducing wastes improves efficiency and profits

3R works towards waste reduction and economical treatment and disposal


  • High TDS, Difficult to Treat Effluents for ZLD


  • Low Energy Consumption 0.15 KWHr / Liter
  • Drastically Reduce Solar Pond Sizes
  • Low Capital Cost
  • Free Process Cooling / Chiller for CNC & Injection   
  • Less Foot Print
  • ROI  -  12 to 15 Months
  • Reduction of waste disposals,
  • Raw materials recovery
  • Automatic functioning 24x7
  • Stable performance of the heat exchanging systems
  • Minimum supervision required