Membrane Bio Reactors

Membrane bio reactor combines the biological process with membrane filtration. This advanced technology gives more benefits over conventional activated sludge processes in treatment of sewage. Nearly 20 percent of the modern sewage treatment plants are equipped with MBR where the treated effluent is reused.

MBR replaces a series of unit operations of conventional activated sludge process as shown in the figure. The results of MBR are far superior and consistent than conventional activated sludge process with primary and secondary clarifiers and sand and carbon filters.

Bio Reactor

Benefits and Advantages

  • Cost effective, low life-cycle costs
  • Difficult contaminants degraded
  • High quality effluent
  • Small footprint
  • Faster system startups
  • Long solids retention times
  • Minimum operating labor required
  • Minimal generation of bio-sludge

Application MF and UF

  • Laundry wastewater recycle
  • Industrial wastewater treatment and recycle
  • Sewage water treatment for recycle
  • RO Pretreatment of sea water and brackish waters
  • Industrial process application for recovery of materials and water
  • Add on for industrial biological processes for high quality Permeate and higher performance